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Heat Transfer Material

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  • Anti-Sublimation - HM-1000S
    HM-1000S : Anti-Sublimation
    Characteristic: Good whiteness and covering power, with slightly elasticity, soft hand feeling, non sticky, suit to high grade fabric printing, Dry and wet rubbing test can reach level 4.
    Nylon white adhesive/ transparent pulp.
    This type of environment protective nylon pulp is mainly based on Acrylate copolymer emulsion, suitable for normal elastic nylon fabric and T/C fabric to conduct high quality white or colors printing.

    Has excellent anti-migration ability, it can prevent migration on almost all types of fabric (except for special printed fabric).
  • Hot Melt Adhesive - MN-1208G
    MN-1208G : Hot Melt Adhesive
    This hot melt glue is specially used on coated fabric, it has better wash durability on this type of fabric.
    It is used on printing heat transfer label that are to be transferred onto garments.
  • Polishes - MN-1208T
    MN-1208T : Polishes
    1. Suitable for high-quality PE and PU transparent priming paints;
    2. Zinc stearate has super fineness and transparence;
    3. Non-toxic Materials;
    All materials of our produce are of non-toxic Materials, comply with SGS test and RoHS standard.

    Mostly used on printing reflective labels, printing this layer first can make the reflective particles stick closer to the rest of the printing ink.
  • Fixer - YF-001
    YF-001 : Fixer
    Fixer added to printing ink can increase the elasticity of the ink, preventing the printed label from cracking. It also strengthens the bond between the different printing layers.
  • Hot Melt Glue - YG-55C
    YG-55C : Hot Melt Glue
    This hot melt glue barely smells, it does not stink when printing, making it a lot more useful.
    It is used on printing heat transfer label that are to be transferred onto garments.
  • Hot Melt Glues - YG-0812
    YG-0812 : Hot Melt Glues
    This hot melt glue has anti-migration effect.
    It is used on printing heat transfer label that are to be transferred onto garments.
  • Anti Sublimation - YS-0624S-3C
    YS-0624S-3C : Anti Sublimation
    Anti-migration PU transparent can prevent the fabric color from migrating onto the label, so the label wouldn’t change color.

    * Dry in normal temperature;
    * Suitable for all fabrics, especially good for cottons;
    * Mixing with color ink to create more vivid shades;
    * Environment-friendly;
    * Extra soft;
    * Anti-after tacking;
    * No blocking to the screen;
    * Good coverage, anti-freeze, anti-sublimation.
  • PU Transparent - YT-0508
    YT-0508 : PU Transparent
    PU transparent increases the elasticity of the transfer label, preventing it from cracking.

    Product Description:
    1. Good fineness, dispersion and anti-setting;
    2. Unique fineness level design and remarkable grinding-aid effect;
    3. The leveling design makes painting film fine and comfortable;
    4. Unique drying and synergetic extinction effect;
    5. Excellent transparence, which can keep the higher transparency of paints.
  • PU White - YW-0512
    YW-0512 : PU White
    PU white is the base layer for printing heat transfer label, it acts as the background of the color, increasing the color saturation. It also prevents the fabric from showing its color if the fabric color is too dark.
  • Ink-Drier - HM-1207D
    HM-1207D : Ink-Drier
    Used on CMYK printing, it makes the CMYK ink dry faster.

    1.High moisture and acid removal capacity;
    2.Motion of pads will not cause vibration;
    3.Drying and filtering effect of combining;
    4.The automatic compressed decive makes it possible to automatically fill in the worm molecules.

  • CMYK Ink - HM-1107P
    HM-1107P : CMYK Ink
    Used on CMYK printing, it prevents the color from wearing off by sweat or friction.

    The paste is a kind of high temperature fire resistant eco-friendly paste, which is suitable for the fire resistant patter printing, widely used on the knitted cotton printing.

    Soft and non-sticky;
    Strong cover ability, high gloss and smooth;
    Don't block mesh, easy to operate;
    Washing-resistance, high elastic, high fastness;
    Extinguish when the kinding stopped.
  • Four-Color Ink - RT-13
    RT-13 : Four-Color Ink
    Used for mixing colors in CMYK printing.

    Excellent to polycarbonate and CDS lacquer;
    Fast Cure rates, suit for high speed printing;
    Exremely low shrinkage with good mechnaical/electrical properties;
    Superior print performance.

    1. Store in cool place, away from direct sun light;
    2. Gurangee 1 year in normal storage conditions and original packing.
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